About Us

Gary and Michelle’s story is a little different from most.

Gary was born in California, moved to Texas when he was 11 years old, moved to Muldrow, Oklahoma when he was 13. Gary helped his father run a cow/calf ranch in Muldrow and the surrounding area until he left for college at the age of 18. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science & Food Industry in 1980. He got married in 1981, moved to Ada in 1983, where lived until his wife’s death in 2014. He has had many different careers from being an Insurance Agent to having his own meat shop, most recently working in the oil field industry. We all know how that went in 2015.

Michelle was born in Edmond, raised in Del City, moved to Oklahoma City when she was 21. Michelle met her 2nd husband at Saturday Night service, of what was then Metro Church, in 1999. She moved to Guthrie in 2004 where she lived with her husband until his death in 2014. Michelle has a heart for wanting to help people, which lead her to a career in dentistry. Michelle worked in the dental field for 20+ years, from general dentistry to oral surgery.

Gary and Michelle met in 2014 after the death of both of their spouses and knew in their hearts it was a God Thing. They married at midnight on January 1, 2015. Started a new year with a bang. Sold both their homes, moved to Edmond, and started new careers. It has been none stop excitement ever since. Michelle currently volunteers on 3 Edmond Board of Realtor Committees – Habitat, Education, and Blood Drive.

They truly have a heart to help clients find their dream home.

“Buying or selling a home can be a scary and emotional process, we are here to walk you through that process so it doesn’t have to be scary. Communication is the KEY!”